Friday, October 16, 2009


okay, a quick one here.
Finally!!!!! The Crick boyz have cracked it down south. This was loooooong overdue, and a breath of very fresh air. The 20 run victory over the Zims could not have come at a better time, both for the boyz and for coach Baptiste. I must say that there is marked improvement in this team, and once again my apathy towards it has been dissipated. Good luck to the guys in the next two one dayers during the weekend, I will sure be rooting for you guys.

So China has decided to graciously grant the government (and the people??) of Kenya some odd 600 m for infrastructure development and pledges to give more, "as soon as Nairobi provides its list of priority projects" Wow!! What generosity!! Apparently no strings attached, really maybe not in the near future. I heard one nteresting anecdote from Pat Robertson of the 700 Club fame, of the way the US armtwisted Brito , which was then the world superpower but was deeply in the red. Brito went to borrow a long term interest free loan from the Stato, but no, Uncle Sam would have none of it. Instead, they lent the Brits some ching, but with rather long strings attached, literally forcing the Brits to 'reform' in the way they were running the Empire. Long story short.....China is Uncle Sams biggest lender. Siku moja wacha tu.....we are also getting into that box. Hmmmmmmm, but I wont mind a shiny new sea port and railway line coming our way. Tuko kwa box nyingi sana, one more wont hurt, au sio.

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