Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back with the King's Men

This is the longest I have been away from my blog ever. Longest bloggerblock ever. I have just been going through some of my past posts and surprise! Surprise! I actually loved many of them. Well, it has been long and I do owe it to the guys who used to read my posts…should I call them my fans?All the same, I am back but not with a bang as some would want me to say, but back, nevertheless. Gone through a lot in the ensuing time and really if I were recount all my vivid encounters chronologically or otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do it in one go on this platform. I just discovered that my last comeback is just about a year ago, soon after my last birthday. Looks like my birthdays have got a lot to do with my creative or is it writing juices?

Anyway, for my comeback I decided to post something different from my usual reminisces….post something political for a change (I have always strived to keep politics off this blog). Last weekend I watched this movie “All the Kings Men” and wow! It was a most awestricking (sic) political thriller I have ever watched. Ok at least in my opinion. Never has a movie ever made me watch those DVD special features more keenly! Right from the parade of stars featured you kind of expect a thriller. Imagine Anthony Hopkins, James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano of the Sopranos) and Sean Penn together, nothing could beat this combination.
Based on Robert Penn Warren’s novel by the same title, the movie is about a politician Willie Stark who rose from a redneck hick to governor of Louisiana. Willierises from being set up to run for governor by the powerful oil and industry barons to a selfmade governor, in the process recruiting the go-between guy Tiny (played by Gandolfini) ostensibly to spite the powers that be. His Machiavellian tactics earn him both friends among the hicks (commoners) and enemies among the rich folks. It’s a story about power politics and corruption and how hard it is indeed to work through dirt without some of it sticking on you too. Hopkins features in briefly (quite a pity) as Judge Irwin, the heavyweight behind the move to impeach Stark. This is one movie I would recommend especially those guys with political inclinations. Gosh! I have ended up talking about a movie instead of talking about politics....I never learn it would seem.

Anyway, I have this knack for movie quotes but unfortunately I don’t have any quotes right now from this great movie. That means there is no ending in style here. All the same hasta luego mi amigos.