Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Please bliss me
This bliss will please me
Please heal me
Can you really feel me
Please fill me
Infirmity may chain me
Oh please bliss me
This bliss will free me

Please bliss me
Please don’t chill me
The chill will kill me
No mortician will chill me
Please fleece me
From thoughts that freeze me
Insanity flees me
Yes this bliss frees me

Please bliss me
Come down and fill me
With peace that stills me
To serenity it steals me

Monday, November 05, 2007


The swift is back and is as blue as ever. Now I know in most cases blue denotes a feeling of grief and other undesirable emotions. But this is the cheery, sunny morning blue sky swifty BLUE. Yeah, been accused of being on strike from this place….let me call it a go-slow…is there any difference????? Anyway I sure am glad to be up and blogging again, not that I have lacked anything to write about. Its only that the quiet private me surfaces every now and then and I feel like mmmmmm naaaaah this is not for public consumption so I clamp up and avoid the keyboard but for purposes of typing in a web address or some other mundane task.

Hmmmm, back to one of my favourite topics, sports and cricket in particular. Kenya thumping Canada and Bermuda in the past few weeks is just superlicious!!! Granted that they are relatively weaker teams but it sure does make up for a lot of good especially after the shenanigans of the Twenty20 World cup in SA not so long ago. That was a breeze through and I thoroughly enjoyed it, however I still feel they need to play stronger opposition more often, currently it’s the likes of Bermuda and Canada benefiting…judging from the better performance they (Bermuda) displayed in the ODIs.

Did I hear something to the effect that EABL are jumping back in to sponsor the lads……hmmm, it could only become better.

Positives for the recent matches:

Alex Obanda…the teen sensation!!! Yaani if this lad was in UK or India or wherever he could be a celeb like no-one’s business.

Thomas Odoyo proving that the ICC Associate player of the year award he got was no fluke for several match winning performances with his bat.

Hiren Varaiya regaining some of his lost form, manze 10 wickets in one game is no mean feat!

The IRB rugby sevens season is here and about, have lots of expectations from the Kenyan team especially after last season’s impressive performance. So on 30th this month the guys plunge into the field against Samoa…hmmm not a team anyone would want to open their season with. Dubai will be a very hostile hunting ground for the guys, but all the same, the Swift wishes them all the best.

Well, I will let that be my oeuvres d’entrĂ©e for this season. Yeah, I’m calling it a season coz I believe there’s more to come and in quicker succession this time. No more go-slows or strikes or whatever you may want to call it. Hasta luego.