Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Sometimes things are as they look

Sometimes it rains
Sometimes it shines
Sometimes its just overcast
The sun shyly peeping out of the cloudy curtain
Or maybe just too weak to push them away
Sometimes its dark and stormy
And windy and rough
Sometimes its calm and cool
And serene

Sometimes its warm and sunny
Sometimes its cold and rainy
Sometimes its hot and dusty

Sometimes is not Anytime
Sometimes is not Everytime
Sometimes is not Notime
Sometimes is

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Been suffering from bloggers block, precisely coz there was so much to write about, so much so that my mind went blank whenever i settled down to write something. Guess that confirms my "wannabeness" in the area of writing. But its good to be writing again, now where do I start.

Great sports weekend
Last weekend was great for ManU and Kenyan rugby fans. ManU wallops Arsenal and for once the old rivalry (some would call it hooliganism) was replayed in many a sports bars. THe game was beautiful, without the usual tension that accompanies such games.
The Kenyan sevens rugby team bags the bowl trophy in the Singapore sevens tournament and with it two more points on the overall standings. Some of the big scalps our boys bagged were Samoa and Scotland. England denied us a place in the quatres of the main cup by failing to beat Samoa, man sometimes life can be so unfair. Good performance all the same.

Shares Galore
The Kengen IPO generated a lot of euphoria culminating in a rush for the shares by many ordinary Kenyans. Did I say ordinary??? Well here is a story of one extraordinary Kenyan investor................a street boy. It is said the guy applied for shares worth Sh.40,000. Yeah, 40K worth and in coins, talk of smart savers and shrewd investors.
With so many Kenyans so hungry to invest on the stock market, soon we might see the "jua kalinization" of the stock market. In other words I wouldnt be surprise if in a few years we would have people hawking shares in River road. You know........that sing song "Kumi, kumi...KQ ni kumi hata Kengen ni kumi" and in another corner, "Kila kitu ni mia, mia mia kilakitu ni mia...Barclays ni mia,Sasini ni mia yote ni mia". All of a sudden there is a flurry and commotion as the hawkers gather their shares in those purple clothes as they scramble to the safety of the infamous street's alleys ,with the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and City council askaris in hot pursuit. Men! Dont we just love Kenyan enterprise, the good thing is that mtumba shares are just as good as new shares, so I dont forsee exhibitions selling shares being set up.
I will set up a wholesale shop for shares in some nook (sakati) behind Luthuli avenue probably call it "Blueswift share hawkers galore" just to position myself strategically. You know the mobile phone accessories boom passed me, and I dont want this to pass me also. Anyone wants to hawk to me.

Hear me out
Finally, have you ever heard a conversation and hoped that your mother didnt hear the same about you. Well, here is an exerpt from a real conversation a friend of mine was involved in, names have been changed to protect the identity of the culprits:

Kurt: Have you seen Stacy of late?
Bart: Oh, Stacy. I usually meet her on Koinange street in the evenings.
Kurt: Ati?

Well, I leave you to imagine how the conversation ended. Have a fab day.

My heart goes out to the families of the people who lost their lives in the marsabit tragedy. To those who lost their fathers, sons, brothers, uncles, couzins, friends. May God give you strength to pass through this trying moment.
To the people of Kenya for losing our leaders, let us honour them by promoting peace.