Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hello Blueswift

Hello blueswift, been such a long time since I posted something on your hallowed pages. Quite a pity, since I had promised that I would be posting more often. Guess, I sometimes overestimate my “gentlemanliness”, or do I just underestimate my “ruffianness”, my inability to keep promises?? Either way, am not going to give any more promises. I will post whenever, wherever and however in whichever situation of which I don’t know. Anywho, it’s good to be back writing.

I just discovered that am not the commentator that I used to be. Many things come and go and somehow I don’t find that particular itch to voice my opinion about them. Well, right from the social, political even the religious scene. I find myself rather aloof and detached. Is it a good thing? I don’t know. Is it bad? I don’t know either. My fence sitting is rather depressing…..yeah so I guess its not such a good thing.

Well, apparently, there will be no more Tusker at the next Safari Sevens. I don’t know why yet, but apparently there has been a disagreement over the sponsorship deal which according to KRFU included sponsorship for the Elgon Cup, EABL doesn’t want any of that. Methinks its ego stuff, just don’t know whose ego is bigger or more fragile. It would just be a pity if “Africa’s premier sevens tournament” dwindles off. Hope it aint déjà vu the cricket style (I since gave up on Kenyan cricket). But I guess, EABL is the bigger loser as things stand now. I guess gauging from the way corporates were trying to associate themselves with Kenya sevens much of last year and this year, there is no need to panic.

Now some dudes really know how to push the envelope far. Milton Mbhele!! If u aint heard of that name then I don’t know. Dude sure knows his ways with his damsels. How he convinced four chics to wed him on the same day will remain the stuff of legend for days to come. And dude got style too, white limo and white suit….. Well, food for thought there.

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