Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Please bliss me
This bliss will please me
Please heal me
Can you really feel me
Please fill me
Infirmity may chain me
Oh please bliss me
This bliss will free me

Please bliss me
Please don’t chill me
The chill will kill me
No mortician will chill me
Please fleece me
From thoughts that freeze me
Insanity flees me
Yes this bliss frees me

Please bliss me
Come down and fill me
With peace that stills me
To serenity it steals me


  1. this time u beta be nack with a bang so u stay on and not make emergency returns then disappear back. Thanks for being a promise keeper

  2. Pretty,
    will continue keeping my promises, thanks for reading

  3. i thirst deedee i really do